School Scrapbooking Ideas – Field Trips

Outside of the First Day of School, the most pictures I end up with for any given school year are field trips. Today we are talking scrapbooking page ideas for the funnest of school days!

S is for School -

I love field trips, don’t you? The kids are out of their element and doing something fun. I’m usually a chaperone hauling a big ol’ camera around to capture the event and before I know it I have 300 pictures of my son and his school mates.  While I won’t scrapbook all 300 of those pictures, I do want to get the best ones on the page. Here’s are the pictures I try to include on my field trip layouts

* The entrance or sign with the name of the place we’ve visited. (Welcome to the Zoo!)

* A class picture. (Yes, I’m the parent that makes everyone stand together and take a picture!)

* A picture of the group of kids with us that day. (I’m not the only who gets assigned a group of kids, right?)

* A picture of me with my kid. (Ask someone to take your picture! It’s important they know you were there!)

* Highlights of the place we visited. (Of course! Buildings, views, displays & attractions.)

Sometimes I can wrap up a field trip page in one page (Rarely, but it’s happened!) Most of them are a double page or a series of double page spreads if the trip (and the pictures!) were that good. Most field trip pages are themed to the place of the trip – animal paper for zoo trips, water paper for aquarium trips, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slip in school themed products here and there.

Here are some of my favorite field trip pages:

School Field Trip - Scrapbook Page - Oak Glen -
Using a picture of the location’s name, school themed paper,  a class picture and a highlight of the location!
School Field Trip Scrapbook page -
Using school themed papers, pictures with our group and a picture of us!

School Field Trip Scrapbook page- Tulsa Air and Space Museum - www.UseItScrapbooking.comUsing a picture of the entrance to the location and highlights of the attractions

Woolaroc School Field Trip Scrapbook page -
Double page layout – First of Two with entrance and highlights
School Field Trip Double Page -
Double Page Layout – 2nd of 2 with class picture

How do you tell your field trip stories? I’d love to hear your ideas. Leave me a comment below!

Now, it’s your turn! It’s time to get those stories on the page and highlight these special memories of school. When you’ve created your field trip, or any other school page, add it to our S is for School Gallery for all to see!