School Scrapbooking Ideas – Awards

S is for School Awards! Another big picture-taking opportunity over the school year is award assemblies. Today we have scrapbooking page ideas for those treasured awards.

S is for School -

Awards are exciting for parents and students alike! We are so proud of the work they are being recognized for and they are so happy to be recognized.

After each assembly, I make a point to pull my student aside and take a picture of them with their award. School cafeterias, auditoriums and gyms are notoriously poorly lit. So if you can’t get a good picture during the assembly, have your student show off their award when they get home, so you can get a good picture.
School Award Scrapbook Page -

Award Scrapbooking Page -

Many awards are a perfect size for their own page and thereby making a great addition to the scrapbook.

Sometimes, your child deserves an award that they haven’t received. When my oldest son was in 6th grade, he didn’t miss one day of school. Since the year before he had missed 25 days of school thanks to some bad tonsils, this was a huge accomplishment. His middle school didn’t have a Perfect Attendance Award, so I created one for him!

Perfect Attendance School Scrapbook Page -

Does your child (or you!) deserve an award? Reward yourself and get those award pages in your school scrapbooks!

When you create a  school award page, add it to our S is for School Gallery before 9/30/13 to be entered to win an Amy Tangerine Daybook!