LOAD12 – Skate Night

A perennially elementary school favorite: Skate Night!

This has really nothing to do with today’s LOAD prompt, but I’m in the school scrapbook page groove, so I’m going with it!

Skate Night Scrapbook page

Aww, school skate night! Really, besides the music, not much has changed since I went with my friends to school night at the roller rink. Fun times!

Check it out – I used more of the paper I bought this week. It’s from Simple Stories So Rad collection. (affiliate link*) It’s not exactly a school themed collection, but I’m finding many of the patterns are working well for my son’s album. I think I have a shot of getting most of his elementary school scrapbook pages done this month.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s feels good to make some progress on this album that’s been hanging over my head for so long!

Three takeaways for your scrapbook pages:

1. Keep your supplies close and your scraps closer. You might recognize that yellow paper I used for the journal card from two other layouts this week: Solar Oven and PNN. Since the scrap has been sitting on my desk, I can just reach over and see if it works. It helps that it’s a subtle dot design on one side and lined on the other. Perfect for a little texture or a little journaling.

2. Don’t throw it away just yet. The little tiny strips down the side came from trimming the patterned paper down to sit on the blue base. I was going to throw them away because I’m not storing a scrap that small, but then I set it next to the grid with the B side up and liked that it gave the page a little more oomph. Again, I’m not recommending storing these little ones, but see if you can use before it goes in the can.

3. Go off the grid. Okay, okay, we’ve established that the grid is my go-to design this LOAD. What can I say, it’s an easy way to get many pictures on a page not be too overwhelming. On this layout, I’ve broken the grid to make sure your eye goes the photo I want to be the focal point of the page. Breaking the rules catches the eye. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, tell me what’s your favorite use of a scrap on one of your pages? One of those that no one else would recognize, but it makes you smile every time you see it! Share it in the comments below!


*If you click on an affiliate link on my website, I may get a commission at no additional cost to you. I recommend products I’ve used and showcased on my blog and any proceeds go to support this blog and the two crazy boys you see in its pages. Thank you!

LOAD11 – Camp

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Today’s prompt was “Life is Expensive. Add it up!” The idea was to scrap about your daily expenditures, but I took my inspiration from today’s sample layout from Alison Day at Alison Day Designs. She scrapped about her daughter’s field hockey expenses:

Field Hockey Scrapbook Page

I was just talking to my mom the other day about the camps my kids are going to this summer. They are not cheap, but if my boys were in a competitive sport I would be spending that amount of money on it easily. Camp is their thing. So I do whatever I can to get them there. Here’s the layout to tell the story:

It’s compilation of pictures from the camps they’ve gone to over the last year. I wrote my journaling and then included little captions about what camp each picture is represents. I chose to do a collage effect with these photos. I arranged them so there is a stair step effect that takes your eye from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Those boys happen to be standing in the same pose in the top and bottom pictures, so that makes for a nice bookend.

Camp Scrapbooking

Three takeaways for your scrapbook pages:

1. Break up your journaling. After creating that stair step effect, I knew the journaling needed to go in the upper right corner, but adding another square journaling block was going to make the page way too linear. Instead, I used smaller journaling cards and fanned them out to break up the lines and then I portioned my journaling between the three cards. This would also work well if you have a layout where you’d like to hide journaling. Instead of adhering them to the page, use your photos to create a pocket for the journaling cards.

2. Make your own journaling cards. Don’t have a journaling card that will work for your page? Make one that will. I use a piece of patterned paper from same line as the background paper and cut it in to 3×4 cards. Easy peasy.

3. Round ’em up! If you have recurring events in your life, trying putting photos from different events or years on the same page. On this layout, I focused on the cost of camp since that was the prompt, but you take a then and now approach and talk about how the same event has changed (or not) over the years. I could easily put some of these photos with my own camp photos and talk about the similarities and differences between my experiences and theirs. (They don’t have KP duty. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) There are several photos of my oldest with his friend Pryce heading to camp over the years, so that is definitely a page I will make in the future.

Are you ready to add it up? Make a page and share a little slice of your life today!


LOAD10 – Pioneer News Network

Day 10 and I am making progress on Chet’s school scrapbook album!

Today’s LOAD prompt was “What makes you cry?” Frankly, all these elementary school scrapbook pages make me cry. They really do grow up fast! So, while it might not seem like this scrapbook layout is on prompt, trust me, it is. (affiliate links ahead)

elementary school scrapbook

This is one of those layouts that benefits from my supplies not being in their assigned home. It took me a while to decide what pictures to use, but once I thought about these pictures, I remembered the Viewmaster circles in the Simple Stories Say Cheese II kit that I keeping moving around my office and I went from there.

I just kept layering the patterned papers until they told me they were done. I think it works, because some are more bold than others and the kraft base gives enough “white space” for your eye to rest. To add some definition, I doodled around the edges, which seems to be my go-to addition for this LOAD and I am A-OK with that!

Three takeaways for your scrapbooks:

1. Cleaning up is overrated. Now, I’m not saying that you should never clean up your scrap space, but I will say that many of my favorite layouts have come from using a scrap that was laying on my desk. If this kit had been put away, I’m not sure I would have sought it out for this page but it’s kinda perfect here. The yellow circle that the title is on is a scrap that was laying on my desk from Sunday’s Solar Oven page. Initially, I cut it for the sun but it was too small. It was just the right size to house the title here.

2. Make your own theme. This Simple Stories Say Cheese II kit is definitely designed for Disney type pages. That original intent didn’t keep me from using it with these photos. The Viewmaster/film rolls worked for this story and I’ve been hanging on to the yellow stripe/blue grid piece waiting for the perfect spot. I’m glad it found its home. ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. Don’t be afraid of patterned paper. I used little circles and big circles, two different stripes and blue grid. Just play with the proportions until they work for you. Also, leave a good amount of white space or unused space, so the patterns are too harsh on your eyes.

So, what will you scrapbook today?

LOAD8 & 9 – School Food

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! I may have missed posting on the blog yesterday, but I did scrapbook! So, you get two layouts for the price of one in today’s post. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yesterday’s prompt was “WTF – Where’s the Food?” Thankfully, there’s a lot of food at holiday parties in my son’s school pictures. At first, I pulled out some Valentine’s Day party pictures, but then I saw this photo:

Solar Oven School Project Scrapbook

It seemed like a more creative take on the prompt and certainly an out of the box story. The patterned paper was part of my iNSD purchase and I was happy to use it right away. I knew I wanted a sun on the page and I knew that I didn’t have that accent in my stash, so I found some yellow patterned paper and made my own sun. I doodled around the edge to give it a finished look and used the center for the journaling. It’s pretty simple, but I like it.

This morning when I got to my scrap area, the pictures I originally pulled for yesterday’s layout were still laying there, so I decided to scrap those today.

Valentines Day School Scrapbook Page

Again, simple (you know I love a grid!) and done! I just may finish this album before graduation in 2017!

Three takeaways for your scrapbooks:

1. Last In First Out. This is actually an accounting term, but you can use it for your scrapbooking. When you first buy something new for your stash, you’re excited about it. Use it! The longer you hang out to it, the harder it is to use. (Believe me, I have papers that are more than decade old in my stash!)

2. Make your own accents. Don’t have the accent you need, use your scraps to make the one you want. I used a circle cutter and paper trimmer to make the basic shapes of the sun. You might have a punch or two that will help too. Patterned papers make for fun paper piecing projects. Don’t be afraid to add your own flair to them with doodles, stickles or paint pens.

3. Stick first, cut later. For the title on both pages and the grid on the second layout, I put the letters (and pictures) down and then I made the cuts with my paper trimmer. That made it easy to make sure the proportions were right.

Happy scrapping!


LOAD7 – Last Day of School: 4th grade

Happy International Scrapbook Day! There are so many fun things going on around the web today. I hope you are enjoying some of them. I just joined Scrap Gals on Facebook and I can already tell they are a bunch of fun scrappers! I also stopped by my local scrapbook store, A Memory to Scrap. It’s was great to see Pat and Vicki and I was happy to pick up some Simple Stories, Echo Park, and Bo Bunny paper to play with:

A Memory to Scrap scrapbook paper haul

If you are lucky enough to have a LSS, be sure to stop in and say hi this week. I know they’ll appreciate it!

Of course, I’m also celebrating iNSD by scrapbooking. Instead of following the daily prompt today, my brain needed to finish the photos from the Last Day of School event I’ve been working on this week.

In the past two posts, I’ve talked about how being in a groove can help speed up your scrapbooking. Today I had a bit more time since it’s a Saturday, but since I knew I wanted to scrap these photos for my son’s school scrapbook, I got to skip that “What pictures am I going to scrap today?” question. When you’re scrapping every day for a month, it’s a nice to have a breather and not have to think about what pictures to use. In this case I had already set up the color palette too, so I didn’t have to worry about that either!

Last Day of School Scrapbook Page - 4th grade
Pretty sure I saw some of these dance moves at his military ball last night! ;-)


When I pulled out these pictures there were actually more than I thought, so this turned in to a two page spread pretty quickly. (They are such fun pictures I didn’t want to put any of them in the back up bin!) Of course, I only had about a half sheet of the blue scallop paper left after using on the first page in this series, so I needed to get a little creative in how to pull the two pages together. I cut enough to use a mat for the four photos on the first page and then used the smaller strip as the outside border on the 2nd page. Using the paper on the outside of the spread helps bring the focus to the center of the layout.

While going through some scraps, I found the black and white camera paper. When I put it on the page, it popped!ย  I dug even further in my scrap bin to find the 4 x 6 camera card, which brought the two pages together perfectly. Isn’t it nice when things come together? (I didn’t even notice that it matched his shirt until I was halfway through doing the layout. Bonus!)
Three takeaways for your scrapbook pages:

1. Highlight the money shot. That picture in the top left corner was always going to be focal point whether I used one photo or ten. Of course, I didn’t have enough foresight to get a larger size print. Cutting the other photos down to smaller sizes and matting this photo on a larger piece of cardstock ensures this is the first thing you see.

2. Stretch that paper. If you only have one piece of a long gone pattern use a piece here and a piece there to stretch your stash even farther. Pair it with coordinating prints or colors for a cohesive look.

3. Grids are your friend. Yes, I mentioned this before but seriously, doesn’t it look good? Today I added the 4 x 6 and cut down several of the photos so I could fit more in the grid. I had a weird space in the middle that was going to try to fill with an embellishment but then I saw that goofy picture of my son and realized that funny face would fit perfectly in the space. Now, it probably my favorite detail on the page.



Hope you enjoy the rest of your International Scrapbook Day! Tell me how you celebrate!

Super Kids Day – School Scrapbooking Page

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It’s Day 6 of LOAD. Instead of waiting to the last minute like I did yesterday, I scrapped my layout while making breakfast this morning. Today’s prompt was “What do you do to challenge yourself?” Through the lens of my son’s school scrapbook, I took the challenge part of the prompt and applied it to the tug-of-war and wheelie board races at the 4th grade Super Kids Day.

Super Kids Day school scrapbook page

See, it’s easy to make the prompt work for you! Today, there was a bonus challenge to scrap your layout in half the time it normally takes you. This challenge was good for today, because today’s schedule is busy! I’m usually pretty fast completing most of my LOAD layouts in about 30 minutes. I think I was faster today, but I did this between flipping the morning bacon so it’s hard to say exactly how long it took.

Three takeaways you can use on your scrapbook pages:

1. Work that theme album. Working on a theme album, like a vacation or school scrapbook, can make you a quicker scrapper. Once you’re all in on that topic or period of time, you’ll find it’s easier to tell those stories because you are in that mind space. Use a designated paper collection and it will go even faster because you’ll have less decisions to make.

2. Go with a grid. I LOVE grids! Grids are clean and always look good. The one above is pretty simple with a couple 4 x 4s and 4 x 5s. You can cut your photos to any size as long as the fit within the grid, it will look good!

3. The little things make a big difference. This is a square layout with aย  square patterned paper mat with rectangle photos in a rectangle grid. That’s a LOT of straight lines. To break it up, I added the tab at the top, which I created with a scrap piece of paper and a corner rounder, and the brads at the bottom. Just a little bit of texture and roundness breaks up all the lines.

So, what challenge will you scrapbook today?


LOAD5 – Happy Last Day of School

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Coming in under the wire today, but it still counts! Another layout and another blog post – woohoo!

Today’s prompt was to scrapbook a favorite place. I went with more of a favorite time and since I’m working on a school scrapbook, the best time of year is the last day of school.

Fire truck splash school scrapbook page

(Please forgive the dark picture. Again, it’s late!)

These pictures are from SEVEN years ago. My 11th grader was in 4th grade. Seriously, where does the time go? I loved finally getting to scrap these photos. It was such a fun day and pulling out these pictures took me right back there, which is one of the reasons we scrapbook, is it not?

I have to admit I was having a little trouble getting excited about some of the older photos. Not because I don’t enjoy the pictures, but having so many school pictures to catch up seemed daunting. I still have more picture from other events this day, so now I’m pumped to work on those and I’m thinking that will lead me to tell more stories from this grade while my brain is in that mindset. At least, I hope so.

Three takeaways you can use in your scrapbooks:

1. Take the first step. It can be overwhelming when there are so many pictures to scrap, even if it’s an album you really want to do. Just start with a single page. Then do another single page. You’ll find your groove and then it will start to flow.

2. Go where the juice is. One of my writer friends gives this advice to her followers and it works for scrapbookers too. Nothing says you have to go in order of your pictures or chronologically. While working on my son’s school scrapbook, in the last five days I’ve scrapped pictures from his Junior year, Sophomore year and 4th grade. If you get a kernel of inspiration follow it where it goes. You’ll feel more creative and create pages you love.

3. There’s nothing wrong with the tried and true. As I mentioned I didn’t get to my layout until late tonight. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I went with one of my favorite layout designs – three vertical photos layered across the top. It worked for my photos and I knew I would like the end result as I have the MANY other times I’ve used it. This time I added a little doodling and use patterned paper that represented the water in the photos.

Do you have a favorite time or place you’re ready to scrap about it? Get to it! It will make you smile!

LOAD4 – Award Winning School Scrapbook Page

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Four blog posts in four days? What is wrong with me? I gotta say, it feels good to get back to writing posts and scrapbooking. I really enjoy writing and scrapbooking, but I always put them off for “more important” things. Why do we put off the things we enjoy? Hmmm…

That’s a post for another day. Today I’m back to scrapping! The LOAD prompt today was a good one, but I went off the rails and did a different topic.

Award Winning School Scrapbook page

Do ever see a picture and then not long after see the perfect paper in your stash for it? This was one of those times. Most of the time, I’m not smart enough to put those two elements together right away, but I did this time. I just didn’t scrap them at the time. They’ve been sitting in a pile and since I don’t trust myself NOT to lose them, I decided today was the day to actually glue these down on a page. Besides, it’s a funny picture and a funny story and those are the fun pages to create. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Three takeaways for your scrapbook pages:

1. Go small. In thinking about where this page would go in his school album, I tried to make it a 12 x 12 and I added two other pictures to support the “Ladies’ Man” story, but this main photo seemed lost on the big page. I decided to make it an 8 1/2″ x 11″ and I love it. The focus is totally on the black and white picture and the story. I’ll just add another 8 1/2″ x 11″ behind it in the album. (That’s a problem for Future Kelli to figure out.)

2. Let it go. I did feel like I might be missing a title here. Honestly, I’m still on the fence about it, but I think it would clutter the page at this point, so I’m letting it go.

3. Put it together. We’ve all bought paper for a specific picture or project and then never used it. (Or maybe that’s just me?) When you are going through your stash and you see the perfect paper for the perfect picture, pull it aside right then. Don’t wait. You might want to avoid my put-it-in-a-pile method and put it in an organized folder for works in progress. Having these ready to go will help you scrapbook a quick page when you don’t have a lot of time, plus you can avoid Blank Page Syndrome because you already have the paper and picture picked out. How easy is that?


LOAD3 – Real Men

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Today’s scrapbooking prompt was “What makes you laugh?”

Truth be told there are a ton of things that make me laugh, but since I’m trying to get my oldest son’s albums done I narrowed my picture search down to him and came across these gems:

Real Men scrapbook page

These pictures were taken at my sister’s 40th birthday, but since my niece was 3 years old at the time, she was not going to miss a chance to have some princess decor at the party. Chet immediately grabbed a princess straw. I love that we sat there and giggled about it all afternoon.

Yesterday I journaled about how I wish my kiddos would stay little, but today really celebrates the fact I like the people they are becoming and I really like hanging out and laughing with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Three tips you can takeaway for your scrapbooks:

  1. You can use pink on boy pages. I remember when I started scrapbooking I only bought blue and primary colors, but now I have a little stash of pink. I don’t use it on every “boy” page, but it’s fun to pop it in there when it works with the story of the page. Think spring time, Easter, you never know where pink might work, even for your boys.
  2. Scrapbook a moment. These pictures were taken at a birthday party. I could (and may) include them on big page about the party, but if I hadn’t pulled these out on their own, this fun moment with my son may have been lost on the event page.
  3. Use your 6 x 6 paper pads! This is a HUGE timesaver. I layered three of the together to create the background. I chose the curvy edge one to support the bendy straw in the photo. I’m probably the only one who will notice that detail but it makes me happy to see it there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

LOAD2 – I may not like it

Ever spent an hour or more on a blog post and hit publish and then have it not publish because the spell checker doesn’t like it? So, that happen to me last night apparently. The good thing? You get two blog posts today!

It’s day 2 of LOAD. Today I wanted to get my page done and up early and actually blog it instead of just thinking about it. Today’s prompt was “You may not like it, but I…” The idea is to document something that you like to do/watch/say that maybe not everyone around you really likes. I thought about listing all the reality TV shows I consider my guilty pleasures, but I am trying to focus on my oldest son this month. I almost made it…

Growing up

Yeah, I couldn’t through the month (or even the first week of the month!) without scrapping Ethan.

As I flipped through pictures, I wasn’t finding any I thought would work for Chet, but then this photo comparing my youngest son’s first day of school and last day of school last year popped up. Yep, I don’t like that he’s growing up. He hit a HUGE growth spurt since we moved back to OK in 2014 and there is no denying it in this picture.

Three takeaways for your scrapbook pages:

1. Nothing like a good collage. There are so many collage apps for phone these days. Pair an older photo on your phone with a newer one and talk about a transition in your life. It could be a kid growing up. It could be a weight loss victory. It could be a hairstyle. Have fun with it and tell a new version of your story.

2. Free write your journaling. These then and now layouts can bring up a lot of the feels. Write those feelings down. This is an insight only you can provide in your scrapbooks. I didn’t cut this journaling block until I was done writing. It could have been shorter and fit just fine, but, come on, I’m pretty wordy so I’m just lucky it all fit on the page. ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. Let the accents accent your story, not just your design. The words on the side came from a sheet of word art. Let’s face it the only way this kid is growing is up. So, I flipped those signs pointing upward to give the visual cue to my story.

Bonus tip: Use a scrap to frame up your layout. I loved seeing the cameras exposed in the bottom left of the page, but it felt like something was missing there. I added this strips from the B side of the camera paper and it provided a nice frame and closed up that open spot. Use your scraps! It is scrapbooking, after all!


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