LOAD4 – Award Winning School Scrapbook Page

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Four blog posts in four days? What is wrong with me? I gotta say, it feels good to get back to writing posts and scrapbooking. I really enjoy writing and scrapbooking, but I always put them off for “more important” things. Why do we put off the things we enjoy? Hmmm…

That’s a post for another day. Today I’m back to scrapping! The LOAD prompt today was a good one, but I went off the rails and did a different topic.

Award Winning School Scrapbook page

Do ever see a picture and then not long after see the perfect paper in your stash for it? This was one of those times. Most of the time, I’m not smart enough to put those two elements together right away, but I did this time. I just didn’t scrap them at the time. They’ve been sitting in a pile and since I don’t trust myself NOT to lose them, I decided today was the day to actually glue these down on a page. Besides, it’s a funny picture and a funny story and those are the fun pages to create. πŸ˜‰

Three takeaways for your scrapbook pages:

1. Go small. In thinking about where this page would go in his school album, I tried to make it a 12 x 12 and I added two other pictures to support the “Ladies’ Man” story, but this main photo seemed lost on the big page. I decided to make it an 8 1/2″ x 11″ and I love it. The focus is totally on the black and white picture and the story. I’ll just add another 8 1/2″ x 11″ behind it in the album. (That’s a problem for Future Kelli to figure out.)

2. Let it go. I did feel like I might be missing a title here. Honestly, I’m still on the fence about it, but I think it would clutter the page at this point, so I’m letting it go.

3. Put it together. We’ve all bought paper for a specific picture or project and then never used it. (Or maybe that’s just me?) When you are going through your stash and you see the perfect paper for the perfect picture, pull it aside right then. Don’t wait. You might want to avoid my put-it-in-a-pile method and put it in an organized folder for works in progress. Having these ready to go will help you scrapbook a quick page when you don’t have a lot of time, plus you can avoid Blank Page Syndrome because you already have the paper and picture picked out. How easy is that?


LOAD3 – Real Men

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Today’s scrapbooking prompt was “What makes you laugh?”

Truth be told there are a ton of things that make me laugh, but since I’m trying to get my oldest son’s albums done I narrowed my picture search down to him and came across these gems:

Real Men scrapbook page

These pictures were taken at my sister’s 40th birthday, but since my niece was 3 years old at the time, she was not going to miss a chance to have some princess decor at the party. Chet immediately grabbed a princess straw. I love that we sat there and giggled about it all afternoon.

Yesterday I journaled about how I wish my kiddos would stay little, but today really celebrates the fact I like the people they are becoming and I really like hanging out and laughing with them. πŸ™‚

Three tips you can takeaway for your scrapbooks:

  1. You can use pink on boy pages. I remember when I started scrapbooking I only bought blue and primary colors, but now I have a little stash of pink. I don’t use it on every “boy” page, but it’s fun to pop it in there when it works with the story of the page. Think spring time, Easter, you never know where pink might work, even for your boys.
  2. Scrapbook a moment. These pictures were taken at a birthday party. I could (and may) include them on big page about the party, but if I hadn’t pulled these out on their own, this fun moment with my son may have been lost on the event page.
  3. Use your 6 x 6 paper pads! This is a HUGE timesaver. I layered three of the together to create the background. I chose the curvy edge one to support the bendy straw in the photo. I’m probably the only one who will notice that detail but it makes me happy to see it there. πŸ˜‰

LOAD2 – I may not like it

Ever spent an hour or more on a blog post and hit publish and then have it not publish because the spell checker doesn’t like it? So, that happen to me last night apparently. The good thing? You get two blog posts today!

It’s day 2 of LOAD. Today I wanted to get my page done and up early and actually blog it instead of just thinking about it. Today’s prompt was “You may not like it, but I…” The idea is to document something that you like to do/watch/say that maybe not everyone around you really likes. I thought about listing all the reality TV shows I consider my guilty pleasures, but I am trying to focus on my oldest son this month. I almost made it…

Growing up

Yeah, I couldn’t through the month (or even the first week of the month!) without scrapping Ethan.

As I flipped through pictures, I wasn’t finding any I thought would work for Chet, but then this photo comparing my youngest son’s first day of school and last day of school last year popped up. Yep, I don’t like that he’s growing up. He hit a HUGE growth spurt since we moved back to OK in 2014 and there is no denying it in this picture.

Three takeaways for your scrapbook pages:

1. Nothing like a good collage. There are so many collage apps for phone these days. Pair an older photo on your phone with a newer one and talk about a transition in your life. It could be a kid growing up. It could be a weight loss victory. It could be a hairstyle. Have fun with it and tell a new version of your story.

2. Free write your journaling. These then and now layouts can bring up a lot of the feels. Write those feelings down. This is an insight only you can provide in your scrapbooks. I didn’t cut this journaling block until I was done writing. It could have been shorter and fit just fine, but, come on, I’m pretty wordy so I’m just lucky it all fit on the page. πŸ˜‰

3. Let the accents accent your story, not just your design. The words on the side came from a sheet of word art. Let’s face it the only way this kid is growing is up. So, I flipped those signs pointing upward to give the visual cue to my story.

Bonus tip: Use a scrap to frame up your layout. I loved seeing the cameras exposed in the bottom left of the page, but it felt like something was missing there. I added this strips from the B side of the camera paper and it provided a nice frame and closed up that open spot. Use your scraps! It is scrapbooking, after all!


LOAD1 – Typical High School Day

It’s May! It’s the first! It’s the first day of LOAD!!

It seems as though February’s LOAD just ended but here we are again for the latest LOAD challenge. This is a good thing as it seems to be the only time I can get any scrapbooking done anymore.

A few things have changed since February. Alice Boll from Scrapbook Wonderland has taken over ScrapHappy and LOAD duties from Lain. I’m excited to see where this new LOAD adventure takes me this month.


With most of my recent LOAD challenges, I’ve just flown by the seat of my pants and gone where the challenges have taken me. For this one, I’m planning on getting some of my oldest son’s school scrapbook done. See, he’ll be a senior next year and his school album is languishing in 3rd grade. Yikes! I gotta have something to show off at the graduation party next year, so let’s go!

Today’s prompt was to scrap your typical day, so I scrapped Chet’s typical day as Junior in High School

Typical Day High School Scrapbook Page

What’s the best part about cell phones? Your kids text you random pictures of their day! Because of this, I had a quite a few pictures of Chet’s “day” and the people he hangs out with on a regular basis. He even texted me his grade from an essay in his toughest class. I had so many pictures I went with a double page spread so the clocks on the paper could still be seen.

I typed the schedule and printed it in Word. Since it covers such a large area of the patterned paper, I cut out a portion of the paper and fussy cut the clocks to add to the second page and bring cohesion to the entire layout.

LOAD1 - Fussy Cut


Three takeaways you can use in your scrapbooking:

1. Nothing is normal. Daily routines seem SO ordinary, but they’re not. We each have a different routine and that says something about us. Record your routine today. You’ll look back and be amazed at what’s changed and what hasn’t.

2. Kids grow quick! After doing this page, I wished I had recorded his schedule back in elementary school or middle school. I can piece together the basics from looking at photos, but I like seeing a typical day encapsulated in one place.

3. Stretch your paper. I only had one sheet of this clock paper (which made it super tough for me to use! #paperaddict), but I ended up wanting to do a two page spread. I cut out part of the paper that would be covered up anyway and fussy cut accents for the second page. If you don’t like to fussy cut, you can cut the paper in to strips or punch out other shapes to use. Just the hint of the same paper on the second page will bring flow and cohesion to the overall layout.

Now it’s your turn! What routine will you record today?


Plane Ol’ Scrapbooking

No, not plain as in boring. Plane as in “let’s go on an adventure”!

LOAD216I’m currently working my way through LOAD216*** (Layout a Day for the uninitiated). I’m not going to lie, I’ve been struggling to get any scrapbooking done lately, but, as it usually does, LOAD has lit my fire and has reminded me why I enjoy this hobby so much.

I was asked to be a Featured Scrapper this time around and I thought it would be fun to share one of the prompts I scrapped twice – the first time as a sample before the challenge started and the second time during the challenge itself.

The prompt was Transportation: Planes. Here’s my sample page:

Fly Away - Scrapbook page

This was one of those prompts where the idea for the page popped in my head as soon as I read the prompt. I LOVE traveling and really love traveling by plane. So it seems I always have a photo of us at the airport, in the airport and on the plane. I thought it would be fun to combine a few of these from various trips and talk about how I love to fly.

Fly Away Scrapbook Page - Close up

It seems more common to hear people say they hate to fly, so I thought this was the perfect time to talk about this quirk that’s unique to me. If I’m getting on a plane I’m going somewhere. I enjoy anticipating the trip and I can’t wait for the adventure ahead, and, sometimes, I even enjoy the trip that ends at home.

Here’s the second page I did during the challenge with the same prompt:

Palm Springs Air Museum Scrapbook Page

For my second attempt at the prompt, I documented a single event instead of combining pictures throughout the years using Echo Park’s Getaway collection. While this page shows pictures from a single visit to a museum while on vacation, I used a bit of the journaling to tell parts of the story you wouldn’t know just by looking at them, like how my oldest wants to fly helicopters or fighter jets in the military and how my father-in-law was able to tell my kids a bit about his time in Vietnam as toured through the aircraft from his era.

Isn’t scrapbooking great?

We get to be storytellers and tell the stories no one else can. Isn’t that what it’s all about?



***This post contains affiliate links.

Make It Monday – School Scrapbooking List Journaling

Time for Make It Monday! Today’s theme is lists.

Make It Monday Blog Badge

Lists are an easy way to get a lot of journaling on your page–even if you don’t have a full story. This makes it a useful technique when scrapbooking older pictures.

6th grade scrapbook

When we moved last year, I found my middle school yearbook from 6th grade. Such a trip through time as I flipped through the pages. I posted a shout out to several of my former classmates on Facebook and their responses got me thinking about all the things I remember about 6th grade.

6th grade list journaling scrapbook page

I don’t have a ton of pictures of 6th grade, but I knew I wanted to do a layout anyway. This meant the focus would be on the journaling. I found this 6″ x 12″ design from Teresa Collins in my stash and just started writing

6th grade school scrapbook picture

The key is to start.

Once I wrote the first few memories I had about 6th grade, the rest just started to flow and pretty soon I had the whole page filled up!

6th grade scrapbook title

I didn’t have many pictures, so I took a picture of my yearbook picture and used that. I also found a picture of myself from about the same time and I think it works.

The next step was to combine the journaling and the pictures with some cute patterned paper. I have a stash of school patterned paper and I thought one of the more “vintage” style papers worked well with my older pictures. I like the way it turned out and this will be a great addition to my “All About Kelli” album.

Are you ready to combine list journaling and your “old school” photos? Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Start with the basics. Looking at the picture in the yearbook, I remembered exactly what I was wearing that day. I remembered they took our pictures in the afternoon after P.E. and my hair was messed up. I remembered who my 6th grade teacher was. That was enough to jog my memories and get more written down. (And, honestly, if that’s all you remember, that’s okay, too.) Here are some questions to get you started: Where did you go to school? Who was your teacher? Who were your friends that year? What was your favorite subject that year? What was your worst subject that year?

2. No pictures? No problem! Don’t let a lack of pictures hold you back. If you have an old yearbook, take a picture of your school picture there. You could even use a picture of the yearbook itself. If you don’t have a yearbook, search for a picture of your school online. Try contacting old school friends and see what pictures they might have. You can do an all journaling page. (Really, it’s okay!) Just get your memories down, because no one will tell your story like you do.

3. Make it a series. Once you start this sort of stream of consciousness writing, you may find yourself thinking of other school memories. Jump on it and create a whole series of pages (or maybe an album!) of your school memories. You could create this type of page for each grade. Or, if that seems like too much, create ones for your elementary years, your middle school years and your high school years. Make it even easier on yourself and use the sample template or sketch for each page.

Bonus tip: Use this technique for any type of photo. It works great for older photos where you may not remember the story behind the picture, but it does bring up memories. Start making list of what you remember and go with it!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. No one can tell your story like you can. Your school memories happened before you were married, before you had a job, before you had kids. Get those stories documented and let the people in your life now learn a little bit about you. You won’t regret it!


Thanks for stopping by for Make It Monday! Be sure to visit Alison Day and Connie Hanks for their takes on list journaling too:

How many photos?! Alison Day is showing you how to create a 21 photo Holiday Overview page

Too many fabulous summer memories? Make a list with Connie Hanks! Listers gotta list!

Happy Monday!

Make It Monday – Let the Sunshine In!

It’s Monday again and time for the Make It Monday Blog Hop!

Make It Monday Blog Badge

Last week, we were talking about Back-to-School, but personally, I’m not quite ready to give up Summer yet. What about you?

True Confession: I love big patterns on my patterned papers, but many times they just sit in my stash because I don’t know how to use them-you know other than just covering it all up.

One of the patterns I struggle with is what I call the “sunshine” pattern. A circle focal point with lines and/or patterns radiating from it, like this one from Simple Stories’ Life Documented collection:

SS Life Documented Hello New Year

Who wants to cover up all that cuteness? So I found a way to showcase my photos and let the paper shine through


I found the key to balancing the photos and the paper was to use smaller photos. These 4 x 4 Instagram photos worked perfectly. Big enough to be a photo people can see, but small enough that the fabulous pattern isn’t completely covered up.

Since the patterns are all radiating from the circle, it becomes a natural focal point and the perfect place to place the photos. One photo would work really well and could shine on a page like this, but I decided to use two and since they’re smaller, it works.

You eagle-eyed readers may have noticed, I covered up the original wood grain circle with my own white & yellow circle. Where the original circle on the paper was placed didn’t give me quite enough room for a title and journaling, so I cheated! I created my own circle and placed it a little lower below the original and tucked it behind the photos. The white lines still point straight to the title and the photos and your eye knows exactly where to look. I made the paper work for me! πŸ˜‰

This same principle worked on this page too:


This time I flipped the paper so the “rays” are all radiating from the bottom left corner. Again I used 4 x 4 photos and let the circle center be the focal point of the page. For this layout, I used the circle just for journaling and created a title with scrap piece of paper. The rectangle at the bottom helps ground the layout. Without it, the pictures above the circle would feel like they were hanging out in space. πŸ˜‰

Are you ready to use a big sunshine pattern on your page? Here are three tips to get you started:

1. Use a single photo or two smaller photos. This is the perfect type of patterned paper to use for a layout where your single photo (or two) is the rockstar of the page. It can’t help but be the center of attention.

2. Let the circle center be your guide. The designers have done the hard part for you – they created the focal point – that big fat circle everything is radiating from. Place your photos on top of it or just above it and all of a sudden your pictures become the focal point.

3. Keep it simple. Again, the patterned paper here is doing a lot of the work for you. Keep your embellishments to a minimum. This is also a good layout for telling a simple story since there’s limited space to journal. The upside? Without adding too many extras, this is a super quick page to put together!

Now it’s time for you to get even more creative inspiration! Here are the other Make It Monday blogs:

Alison Day: Good to the last drop isn’t just for coffee anymore. Alison shows how she used a new card kit down to the very last piece!

Melissa Shanhun: Keeping it simple with a 6 photo layout in just 5 steps at Digital Scrapbooking HQ.

Karen Fitting: Karen is using a new Digi-Kit to document her Tiki Bar.

Beth Soler: Beth is sharing how to use the Camera+app with your iPhone

Connie Hanks: Love birthdays + cakes + cardmaking + things a bit wonky? Check it out!
Have a great week and go be creative!

Project Runway Inspired Scrapbooking Challenge

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Last night I was watching the season premiere of Project Runway. I love this show! I’ve watched it since the beginning in 2004 and it’s definitely one of my all-time favorites. Here’s the thing:

I don’t sew and I’m not really in to fashion.


So why watch a show that’s all about finding the next great fashion designer?


I can’t wait to see what the challenge is each week. I am in awe of what these designers can create in a day (or less) with a few yards of fabric and an idea. It’s crazy, impressive and, certainly, inspiring!

For the uninitiated, Project Runway casts 16 up-and-coming designers and gives them a new design challenge each week. The least successful designer is sent home each week and the final three get to show at their own collection at New York Fashion Week with all the big name labels and designers.

The challenges can be as easy as assigning them a certain type of fabric to use (nothing but denim!) or telling them what kind of garment to create (a dress for the red carpet!). My favorite ones are the more difficult challenges like the unconventional challenge (You can only use supplies you can find in this hardware store!) and when they have to -GASP!- design for “real” people instead of their normal size 0 model. (They seriously freak out over that one!)

For years, I’ve been wanting to do a scrapbook challenge inspired by Project Runway, but I would always get mired down in trying to decide all the little details. I’d be paralyzed by where to start and so I’d never start. (The complete opposite of the contestants who whip out a new sketch and buy fabric in 30 minutes.)

So, last night when I was watching the show and seeing all those designers just grab their fabric and start sketching, it occurred to me:

It doesn’t have to be that difficult.

I don’t have to have a completed layout before I offer up a challenge to you. I don’t have to have everything figured out before I start. The Project Runway designers certainly don’t and they seem to “make it work”!

With that in mind, let’s jump in with both feet! I’ll watch each week’s episode and I’ll post a new scrapbooking challenge inspired by Project Runway each Saturday. You can post your creations by the following Friday and I’ll feature them on the blog.

Sound good? Good! Let’s go!

Project RunwayInspiredScrapbooking Challenge

Before the first episode last night, they aired “Road to the Runway”, a casting special talking to each of the designers about where they’re from and how they got to Project Runway. Some of them are fresh out of design school, while others have been auditioning for 10 years. One girl was the first one out on a previous season, but she took it as a lesson and is back with way more confidence.

I love to hear people’s stories. So, this week’s challenge is: Tell us about your journey.

What’s the road you’ve been on that’s brought you to this place? You could sum up your whole life story. You could tell the story of how you got your current job or how you came to live in your current house. You could tell about a past journey in your life – how did you choose your college or your spouse. You could even tell us how you became a scrapbooker.

Take this prompt whichever way you’d like but let’s hear about your journey. Post your completed layout in the comments below by next Friday and I’ll pick a winner!

In the words of Tim Gunn: “Make it work!”



Make it Monday Scrapbooking – Back to School

Today I’m excited to be a part of the Make It Monday Scrapbooking Blog Hop! With school starting in just a few short weeks, we’re giving you ideas for creating your Back to School pages.

First Day of School 2014 Scrapbook LayoutThis was the First Day of School last year. My youngest son started middle school, which in our district means he started a full schedule of changing classes throughout the day. When he came home and showed me his handwritten schedule of classes I knew it belonged in his school scrapbook (especially with the cute misspelling!).

First Day of School 2014 Handwriting

He doesn’t like to write so this was a perfect chance to showcase this little piece of him on a scrapbook page-all I had to do was get out of the way.

The schedule was written on a half sheet of 8 1/2″ x 11″ notebook paper. That takes up a good-sized footprint on the page. I decided it worked best up in the top left corner.

First Day of School 2014 Scrapbook page Close up

To balance the page, I put the picture in the bottom right corner. I grabbed some coordinating papers from my stash of school supplies and layered them together. Having the big strip run from top to bottom on the right literally connects the two most important elements on the page: the schedule and the picture.

I LOVE that book paper and because I wanted it to be seen, I cut an oversized photo mat. I used 3D foam adhesive to attach it to the page so I could tuck the notebook paper behind it.

With several patterns working on the page, I used a white photo mat for the picture to help it stand out and also connect it to the notebook page the schedule was written on. Repeating the white circle in the 6th grade title, gave me the visual triangle that makes the page feel balanced.

First Day of School 2014 Title

Finally there were a LOT of lines and right angles on this page. I definitely needed a little somethin’ somethin’ to break it up. I searched my embellishments and found these cute flags. I think they were travel themed, so I just used the back side and no one is the wiser. well except you and me! You can keep a secret, can’t you? πŸ˜‰

Are you ready to add your child’s handwriting to your Back to School page? Here are three tips to get you started:

1. Their handwriting is the focus point. Since most paper kids use in the school is around 8 1/2″ x 11″, it’s going to take up a good portion of your layout. That makes your job easy! Place the rest of your elements around it and let the handwriting shine. I used a standard 4 x 6 photo here, but if your child’s paper is bigger, a small wallet size school picture would work perfectly.

2. Don’t have a handwritten element to use? I totally lucked out when my son brought this home, but you can create your own element on the page. If you have a younger student, you can have them write their name and grade. The great part about that? You get to determine the size it will take up on your page! Having them write their name every year on a school page is a wonderful way to see how their writing changes throughout their school career.

3. Break up the lines. There are a whole bunch of straight lines and 90 degree angles on this page. And that’s okay, but adding a few elements that aren’t square gives the page some pop. The circle mat for the title and the flags give this page more interest. Don’t have flags in your stash? For a school page, you could use an apple, stars, arrows or even an oversized letter will give you that something extra that takes your page from ordinary to extraordinary.

Make It Monday Blog Badge

Thank you for stopping by! Be sure to visit my scrappy friends on the Make It Monday Blog Hop for more inspiration for your Back to School pages:

Melissa Shanhun shares a bright layout for Back to School.

Alison Day shows a simple grid layout that leaves room for journaling those school memories,

Beth Soler is sharing how she is getting her bulletin board ready to motivate her students for the new school year.

Connie Hanks beating the back-to-school craziness with pre-making kiddo love notes!


Does Scrapbooking Pass the Test?

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Bad things happen.

They seem to be happening more often in our world lately (or we’re all just more aware).

They happen to all of us. Earlier this month one of the scrapbooking’s biggest designers Heidi Swapp lost her son.Β  He was born just weeks after my oldest son. That hits close to home and I can’t imagine what she must going through. You can look at Heidi’s scrapbook pages and see that this child was loved. It’s heartbreaking to think about that type of loss.

A family in our city lost their lives this week. There was a shooting a movie theater a few days ago. And, last week 5 members of the military lost their lives on our own soil by the hands of someone they enlisted to protect and defend.

When bad things happen, it makes us reevaluate our lives.

I remember when 9/11 happened. At the time, I was a stay-at-home mom and was also a consultant for a direct sales/in home party type of business. The company was great and continues to offer great opportunities to women to build their own business. The problem was me. The day after that horrific day I said good-bye to my husband as he began what would become a year-long deployment with his Navy reserve unit. Suddenly, trying to sell a tube of lipstick to someone didn’t feel right to me.

You know what I did during those long hours of not understanding what was happening and what our future was going to look like? And, the even longer hours of acting as a single parent and worrying about my husband?

I scrapbooked.

Granted, I didn’t do much journaling during that time because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. But, I did crop pictures and create borders and design pages. These being the early days of my scrapbooking hobby, these are far from my “best” pages. And you know what?

That’s okay.

Sometimes, it’s not a globally bad thing that happens. Sometimes, it’s a bad thing that just rocks your world. When my grandmother died unexpectedly, you know where I found comfort?

My scrapbooks.

For her 80th birthday, I made her a scrapbook filled old pictures and new pictures. When I gave it to her and her eyes lit up, it was worth every single second I spent on it. Then when she was gone, I was able to go back through those pages with an even greater appreciation. I know her friends and our family enjoyed looking through those pages and being reminded of all the good times. The gift I made for her came back to twofold.

For me, scrapbooking passes the test. The Test of the Bad Times and Horrific Loss. I’m never going to regret the time I spend making a page. I’m never going to regret the time I spend looking at these pages with my kids, family or friends. I’m never going to regret telling more of my story and the story of my family.

I know that I am truly blessed in this life. I could not be more grateful for a hobby that allows me to capture those blessings and show my appreciation for them. I hope that my kids can see how blessed they are. And, I hope it inspires them to pass those blessings along to others, because bad things do happen but I think we can be encouraged that it hasn’t always been this way and won’t always be this way.

In the darkest of times, my scrapbooks remind me that life can be good and will be good again.

Scrapbooking not only stands the test of time, it stands the test of MY time.




P.S. Mom, don’t worry. I’m good! I guess since I am in such a good place at the moment, I’m struck with all the pain others are currently facing. I’m using this space to process that and start a conversation in case anyone else needs to process it too. <3






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