Red, Yellow & Gray – Oh My!

The Grand Entrance color kit from The Memory Nest gave me a few grand layouts for today’s Design Team post! The kit is inspired by this color palette:

Grand entrance

I felt adventurous playing with these colors since it wasn’t a color palette I would have ever put together on my own. I played with this color kit during LOAD514 and these layouts are the ones I’m most proud of for the month.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Kelli Panique

This layout makes me giggle, because the layout is about something different from what you might think at first glance. We were challenged to scrap about a favorite time of year. While I have lots of holidays that I love, for some reason on this day, this commercial pop in my head.

And so a time-lapse back-to-school page was born!

Since it was school page, the yellow notebook paper in the Grand Entrance kit was a no-brainer for the base of this layout. I had my eye on this damask style red paper from the minute I opened the kit. I decided to take a chance and see if it would work here. I was hesitant that it might be too bold, but adding the black letters and accents from the kit made this layout sing for me!

When I'm 24 by Kelli Panique

The challenge with this scrapbook page was to talk about what you thought the perfect age would be when you were a kid. For me, I always wanted to be 24. No big milestone years, just 24. I dreamed of being independent, living on my own, working at a great job and traveling. And, darn it if I didn’t get to do all those things when I was 24.

For this layout, the gray and red in this paper made for an interesting base with being too busy. I love the contrast of the muted gray and the bright red. I even think the little elephant and balloon accent works symbolizing the “sky is the limit” feeling of that age for me. I added a few more touches of red with the chevron paper and brads from the kit. Adding the butterfly at the top and the flower at the bottom, gave me the visual triangle I needed to move your eye through the page.

I'm board by Kelli Panique

This layout was a little tougher. The subject was easy enough. What board games did you play as a child? Easy to answer since I make my children play them with me! ;-) The hard part was the paper. I really, really like this multicolored vine paper. It’s perfect for this kit since it has EVERY color in the original inspiration piece. It’s a fun vibrant pattern and I kinda didn’t want to use it, but I’m trying to get past that, right?

I mean that’s the whole reason I started this site, right?

So I bit the bullet and used the paper.

Notice I did use it on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ page. This left me with some good size pieces to use on additional layouts. (Hear that? That’s me breathing again!) Also, I used one fairly small picture on the page, so I can bask in the glory in the patterned paper whenever I peruse this page in my scrapbook.

No one else will be looking at the paper, but you and I will know what I’m really looking at when I see this layout! ;-)

If you’re ready to make a grand entrance with the colors and patterns in this fabulous kit, be sure to visit to Leslie at The Memory Nest. She is wonderful and treats her customers like friends. There is a boatload of paper in the Grand Entrance kit for only $12.99 and you can find it here.

See you there!


Same Papers Two Ways

Do love your patterned paper so much that you don’t want to use it?

I realize this will sound crazy to normal people. But, face it, we’re not normal. We’re scrapbookers.

I have patterned papers sitting in my stash at this very moment because I know if I use them on one layout, I won’t be able to use them on another layout. *sigh* I know it’s a little hoarder-style crazy, but maybe you can relate?

I’ve gotten a little better lately and here’s one reason why – No one says you can only use that one patterned paper on one page. On these layouts I took it one step further and used the same patterned papers on both layouts:

Braver E by Kelli Panique

Go Kart Guys by Kelli Panique

While the patterned papers are the same, I switched out the cardstock colors and the letter stickers to give each layout its own vibe. Also, changing the amount of each pattern allows you to showcase a different in each layout.

In the top layout, the stars reinforce the star paper. In the bottom layout, I used brads to complement the circle motif in the red paper and the metal in the cars in the pictures.

Braver E journaling by Kelli Panique

Go Kart Guys journaling by Kelli Panique

Here’s what you can take away from these layouts:

1. It’s okay to use your patterned paper. By cutting up your patterned papers, you can use them on more than one page and smile each time you see them in your albums….then you can go buy a new favorite paper!

2. Change the size of your patterns. Mix it up! On some layouts, your pattern may be the star. On other pages, it may be the accent. This will give you variety in your pages even if you’re using the same papers.

3. Let your paper inspire your accents. An easy way to build cohesion on your scrapbook pages is to repeat patterns, colors or shapes. In these layouts we achieved this by adding stars to one page and brads to the second. Look at your embellishments and pick ones that add to the elements already on the page.

If you can pull some inspiration from these pages, add ‘em to your Pinterest board and post here when you create a page. I’d love to see what you create!



The Creative Blog Tour Continues!

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Last week I had the pleasure of introducing you to three of my fellow scrappy bloggers. This week, Dani, Alison and Angie have posted looks in to their creative process and introduced their crafty friends. Take a few minutes and check out a blog that might be new to you:

Scrapper on the Street Danielle Leonetti TaylorScrapper on the Street – Danielle Leonetti Taylor

Day Designs Alison DayDay Designs – Alison Day

angie vallejoLiving a Crafting Life – Angie Vallejo

You won’t be disappointed! Besides, it’s a Monday after a holiday weekend, you don’t feel like working anyway! ;-)

Happy 4th of July!

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Happy Independence Day!

Dynamite by Kelli Panique

Here’s how we’re getting ready to celebrate:

We made a trip to the Fireworks store!


I’m making a Red, White and Blue Poke Cake. (I’ve never made one before. Crossing my fingers it’s good. ;-) )

Licking the spatula

Hubby is passing down his ancient family recipes for a good 4th of July BBQ.

Cooking with Dad

Definitely some scrapworthy moments in the making.

It’s shaping up to be a good one here! Hope you have a DYNAMITE holiday with your family and friends!

Creative Blog Tour

There are so many creative people out there! What better way to meet more of them than with an introduction from a friend?

That’s where the Creative Blog Tour comes in.

Artful-Adventures_Kristie-SloanKristie Sloan from Artful Adventures was kind enough to tag me in this ongoing blog hop. I was pleased to be asked to be a part of it and have found some fun blogs that are new to me as I’ve traced my way back through the tour. Be sure to say hi to Kristie on her Creative Blog Tour post! Kristie teaches art journaling basics and scrapbooking techniques plus she offers 45 inspiration starters to get you going.

At the end of this post I’ll introduce you to some of my scrappy friends. Since this blog tour was set up to allow readers to get to know a little more about the bloggers, we were given a list of four questions to answer. So here we go:

1. What am I working on?

I have a few irons in the fire at the moment. I am destashing my supplies and getting realistic about what I actually use and what I don’t. That is inspiring an upcoming series on the blog about finishing unfinished projects. (Does anyone else have those?) I’ve also been developing a scrapbooking class called Steal Like a Scrapbooker coming out in the Fall.Who's Taller by Kelli Panique

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

When I ‘m creating scrapbooking pages, I like to take the ordinary and create something extraordinary! While I love trying new ideas and doing new things, all my scrapbook pages are easy to make and I love showing others how they can get the same look on their pages. A nicely designed page is a thing of beauty. Whether that page has one photo or ten, whether there is one white piece or cardstock or five different patterns, whether it’s a brand new paper collection or one that’s been in my stash for ten years, it can work and it can be easy to put together. That’s what I love inspiring my readers to do.


Basic Grey PB&J Collection - www.useitscrapbooking.comA Summer Day -


3. Why do I create what I do?

I create for many reasons. It started as a place to showcase my photos and has turned in to the creative outlet I need to restore my spirit. As things in my life get more and more technological, I find playing with my scrapbooking paper more and more comforting. Telling stories through my pages is another added benefit. Sometimes the stories are from 40 years ago and some are from yesterday and I adore having every single one of them to share.Family Roots -

4. How does your creating process work?

Usually, I am inspired by a prompt or story of some kind. I enjoy taking classes because it helps to look at my stories in a new way. Many times I will just flip through my photos. I used tell the story exactly how the photos laid it out, but over the last few years, I have found myself telling the other stories the photo brings up. How a current photo reminds me of something from my childhood. How I may focus on one photo from vacation because it focuses on the funniest story of that particular day. Or how one photo reminded me of another from years ago and I’m able to combine them both on a page. I never know exactly where a page is going to take me, but I truly enjoy the journey.

After I have my pictures and my story, then it’s off to find the paper. My paper is mostly divided by color with a few themed items like travel, winter, sports pulled out together. I’ll pull a few papers I think could work and then go from there. Once I pick “the one”, then I decided on complementary papers and accents. Many times I create my own accents from the paper I’m using. After I get the pictures in the right place, I glue everything down and add my title and journaling. Then I step back. Sometimes there’s something missing. It could be an element or a texture, but I figure out how to make it work. My layouts take me between 30-45 minutes.

Now, I’d like you to meet these crafty bloggers and visit them on their websites:

San Antonio - ScrapHappy reunionDanielle Leonetti Taylor is one of my best friends. We met during my first LOAD challenge 4 years ago and have been scrapping buddies ever since. I featured layouts created during her Insta-Living classes. You may also know her as the Scrapper on the Street. While most of us take on the challenge of doing a layout a day during LOAD, Dani takes it one step farther and documents her daily journey in video. She hasn’t missed a day yet. Dani has been scrapping for 15 years and loves to document all aspects of life including but not limited to; pets, food, travel, holidays and those everyday moments that usually get left behind. She has her dream job at Walt Disney World and if you are a Disney scrapper you will love following her Year in Disney series. You can Dani at

alisondayAlison Day started creating scrapbooks to preserve her family’s memories over 5 years ago. Today she enjoys this hobby even more but
she’s added card making, home decor and, very recently, art journaling to the mix. She is currently on the Creative Team for Amanda Robinson Studios and a regular participant in Practical Scrappers monthly Scrapping Our Stash blog hops. (You know I love that!) Previously she was fortunate to be a member of the Let’s Get Sketchy and S.W.A.T design teams and did a stint as a Staffer for the online magazine Scrapbook News and Review. My time on those teams really stretched her and helped her hone in on her own personal style. I think you will find her easy techniques and practical solutions will work for you too. You can find Alison at

angie vallejoAngie Vallejo is a mom of two great boys, wife to her hero, writer, blogger, photographer, Women’s Ministry Leader, homeschooling mom AND someone absolutely obsessed with scrapbooking and cardmaking!  (How she has time for it all I can’t figure it out!) On her blog,, Angie shares her latest creations including product reviews, start to finish processes on cards and layouts, plus other crafting how-to’s, ideas, Pin-Made projects and even craft shopping money-saving tips!  Angie’s latest project is her series called “Throwback Thursdays – Using up the Crafter’s Stash” in which she digs in her stash to make all new projects.  Upcoming is a new series called, “Let’s Make a Card – No Stamping, Just Scrapping”, scheduled to begin in July.  Stop by check out Angie’s inspiring projects here.

Thank you for stopping by! If you’d like to keep up with me, just add your email to my email list in the top right corner. I’d love to join you on your scrapbooking journey!

Scrapbooking Food Traditions

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been playing along in the Insta-Food class from Scrapper on the Street Danielle Leonetti Taylor. One of our daily prompts was to scrap food memories from our childhood. After letting the memories ruminate in my head, I settled on talking about the origin of Friday Night Mexican Night and how it’s evolved over the years.

I started with this sketch from The Memory Nest:

The Memory Nest - July Sketch by Katie Lamb
The Memory Nest – July Sketch by Katie Lamb

The original sketch doesn’t have the huge journaling spot I knew I would need to tell this story, so I decided to bring that banner forward and fill it with words. Here are the results:

Mexican Night by Kelli Panique

I made a few adjustments to make it work for my story, but the bones of the sketch are definitely there. I especially liked the half-circle elements as they encouraged me to add that pop of yellow in the final layout, but the star of the layout for me is the journaling.

Mexican Night Journaling by Kelli Panique

I have definitely documented having margaritas with my dad when I visit California but I’m not sure I’ve told the roots of having Mexican food on Friday nights and how as a kid we always we went to our local Mom & Pop restaurant, Los Amigos, for dinner on payday. The restaurant hasn’t been there for years and I fruitlessly searched for a picture of it online (yes, I’m an eternal optimist!). So, instead of not telling the story, I combined it with a picture from last year and talked about how this tradition began for me. (It is quite possible my parents were having Mexican Night looooooong before I was around…Wouldn’t it be great if I could get my mom to tell THAT story?)

There are a few things you take from this layout to incorporate in your own scrapbooking:

1. Include your food stories in your scrapbooks. Your food traditions tell more about you and your family than you may think. So, don’t just relegate the food pictures to your party pages. Pull ‘em out and tell the story behind the photos.

2. Make your sketches work for you. Just by moving the banner in the sketch from a bottom layer to a top layer, I created all the space I needed for my journaling. Maybe for you, you need to add more pictures to a sketch. Rearrange the elements of the sketch and get your photos on the page.

3. Handwrite your journaling. Even if you hate your handwriting, include it on your layouts once  in a while. Handwritten journaling works especially well on this layout since it’s about an older memory.

To get more ideas for using this sketch check out today’s post on The Memory Nest blog. You can find the papers I used in this layout in the Grand Entrance kit at The Memory Nest store.  And, YOU, my readers can use this coupon for a nice discount:

KelliHave a wonderful day and if you use this sketch or any of these ideas on a layout, link it up in the comments. I’d love to see what you create!

Is Scrapbooking on the Decline?

It was announced this week that Two Peas in a Bucket it closing. Scrapbookers around the world are shocked.

closingNot only one of the most popular sites for purchasing scrapbook supplies, it was one of the first gathering places with forums and galleries available to scrapbookers across the world. In the early 2000′s, this expanded scrapbooking’s reach beyond our local scrapbook store or a friend’s home and allowed us to meet people like us all over the world.


In the past few years, we’ve lost beloved magazines (RIP Simple Scrapbooking, Scrapbooks Etc. and Creating Keepsakes). The company that introduced scrapbooking to many of us in the modern generations, Creative Memories, went in to bankruptcy. And, it is getting harder and harder to find local scrapbook stores as many of them have shut their doors. Even the scrapbooking section at the big box stores has shrunk. So, this begs the question someone asked me on my Facebook page:

Is scrapbooking in THAT much of a decline?

Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than yes or no.

Think back about 20 years ago when modern scrapbooking first became more of a mainstream hobby. We were still getting the film from our cameras developed at the local photomat. All of our mail was delivered to a physical mailbox. Those of us who had cell phones actually used them to call people. Crazy, right?

My First Kodak Digital Camera
My First Digital Camera – It weighed 5 lbs!

Eleven years ago, I was taking pictures with a film camera AND a digital camera because I didn’t trust the digital one to really work. Seriously.

In the last decade, we’ve seen the beginning of the social media era with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the addition of increasingly better cameras on our smartphones. I would make a guess that most of have taken more photos on our phone than made actual phone calls with it.


In the end, it is so much easier to take a picture now and there are so many more things to do with our photos before they are even printed. Instead of getting them back from the developer and sticking the picture in a photo album, frame or creating a scrapbook, today you can:

* Share them Facebook.

* Text them.

* Tweet them.

* Perfect them on Instagram.

* Make a digital scrapbook layout.

* Create a photobook.

* Upload them to a digital frame.

* Add them to a collage.

* Have them made in to blankets, pillows, posters, puzzles, decks of cards or Christmas ornaments

* Design your own phone case.

* Make a card.

* Sell them.

* Create canvas artwork.

* Edit them in to a video.

* Share them to your family’s photostream.

* And, of course, make a scrapbook.

To say the least, things have changed.

If you think about the current point of view in the scrapbooking world, that a picture + a memory = a scrapbook page, then really there are more scrapbookers than ever before. Every time someone posts a status update with a picture they are essentially creating a piece of their own virtual scrapbook.

With the immediacy of getting that memory out in to the universe, somehow getting those pictures back from the printer is a little less climatic than it use to be. There isn’t as much urgency to get our stories down on a traditional scrapbook page because in our heads, we’ve already told that story.

Over Instagram Sample -

In the end, scrapbooking isn’t on the decline, but it is changing. We have more pictures than ever before and more options than ever before. The industry as we once knew it will never be the same, but that will just make room for more creative pursuits that we can’t even imagine yet.

Scrapbooking won’t be going anywhere as long as there are people like you and me who are scrapbooking. Our grandparents put pictures on a page just like we do. They wouldn’t believe what we do today with our paper and pictures, but in a generation or two, our minds will be blown away by what our grandkids are doing with their pictures.

So, keep telling your stories. Find others to connect with to share your hobby and keep putting pictures on paper or in a photobook or on a pillowcase. And, definitely share them with your family and friends.

As long as you are showcasing your pictures with your story, scrapbooking will be here to stay.




Last Chance to Get True Stamp Classes at 30% off!

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This weekend is your last chance to get True Stamp 2014 classes at their introductory rate of $9! The price goes up to on July 1st.

If you are looking to take your stamping to the next level, you don’t want to miss a minute of these inspiring classes from leaders in the stamping industry such as Nichol Magouirk for Mama Elephant, Bev Gray for Technique Tuesday, Kelly Marie Alvarez & Chari Moss for Lawn Fawn, Bobbie Lemanski for Raisin Boat, Kim Hughes from Paper Smooches and Sheri Carroll for Simon Says Stamps.

Just $9 for:

  • an hour of video demonstration from some of the top stamp companies in the industry
  • Q&A with instructors hand-picked by the manufacturers
  • endless amounts of inspiration

Here are a few of the highlights:

Raisin Boat

This class has more ideas than you can shake a stick at! The focus is on adding 3D elements to your stamped images but the biggest surprise from the class was learning how to make your own background paper by blowing bubbles. Adorable with a root beer float image – you have to see it to believe it!

Paper Smooches

Kim Hughes covers the kissing stamp technique in such detail and shows how to stretch those stamps even farther than you can imagine. That canvas flower in the image above? It’s just paper! Seriously. I still can’t believe it and Kim shows every step to getting this stunning result. Don’t miss it!

Lawn Fawn

Kelly Marie Alvarez and Chari Moss team up to show you how to create the cutest interactive elements that can be used on cards or scrapbook pages. Their fun and lively style is so engaging and that dinosaur card they create is one of my favs!

So, if you are ready to get your craft on now that it’s summer, head over to True Stamp 2014 and pick up some crafty enjoyment!

Remember, all classes are $9 thru June 30th plus you can save 33% percent when you purchase all six. Use code SAVEBIG and get all the classes for just $39. But hurry, after the end of June the classes go up to $12.95. Click here now!

42 Things About Me

So I started this list back in March.

42 things list

Last year I did a layout called 41 things about me at 41. I had seen a few people do similar layouts during a LOAD challenge and thought it was a fabulous idea. I was so pleased with how 41 things came out, I decided I would do again while I was 42.

Well, 43 is just a couple weeks away, so I figured I better git ‘er done…

42 things about me at 42 by Kelli Panique

That’s right, I’m 42 and I’m putting it out there. I created the list over a few months and included completely random things like what foods I’m craving, what jobs I have and even what social media websites I participate in. I left off the obvious stuff like I love my family, because really that comes through in all my other layouts. Many of these are just one liners that would never make it to their own page but still tell something about me right now.

And, so you don’t have to read my hieroglyphics here’s 42 things about me at 42:

1. I’ve become more of an early bird than a night owl.

2. I’m tired. (See #1)

3. I hate the car rider.

4. I love listening to Entertainment Weekly on Sirius XM even if I haven’t watch or don’t plan to watch the show they are talking about.

5. My office is a mess.

6. I’m developing an unhealthy obsession with fresh guacamole and That Green Sauce from HEB. (Our local grocery store.)

7. This is the last year I will have a student in elementary school.

8. I am okay with that…I think.

9. Three of my favorite TV shows ended this year-Burn Notice, Psych and How I Met Your Mother. This upsets me more than I care to admit.

10. I drive a 2004 Suburban.

11. I have a YouTube channel.

12. I have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. (None of which existed 10 years ago.)

13. I’m on a Design Team for the first time at The Memory Nest.

14. I work from home as a virtual assistant.

15. I have my own blog.

16. I gave up soda for Lent and I haven’t started drinking it again.

17. I wish I was 20lbs lighter. Giving up soda didn’t help. :(

18. I feel like am a part-time taxi driver.

19. I love the beach.

20. I hate the humidity but live in a VERY humid city.

21. I got an iPhone 5 for Mother’s Day.

22. Cooking dinner is not my strong suit.

23. My kids think I should open a burrito stand.

24. I can create videos and slideshows – New skill!

25. I am married to my High School Sweetheart.

26. I met one of my best friends online and have only seen her in person once.

27. I’ve created 120 layout so far this year.

28. I’m good at helping people.

29. I hate standardized testing.

30. Bad drivers drive me crazy.

31. I love hamburgers and frozen custard from Culver’s.

32. I like going to an expensive dinner with my hubby but this doesn’t happen very often.

33. I miss living in California.

34. I miss living in Oklahoma.

35. I would like to cruise the Mediterranean.

36. I like eggs for breakfast.

37. I’m sad my kids are growing up because I like spending time with them.

38. I have many more good ideas than time to execute them.

39. I love a good cheeseburger.

40. I work harder for others than I do for myself.

41. I hate cleaning.

42. I love the conversations I have with my kids in the car.

That’s my list! What about you? What random things can you tell about yourself?  Here are a few tips for doing this type of layout:

1. You don’t have to reveal your age. If you don’t want to announce to the world your age, that’s okay. Pick some other random number for your random facts. 14 things about me in 2014 would do the trick just as well.

2. Use a picture of yourself. Since scrapbookers are usually the ones behind the camera, this can be tough, but turn the camera on yourself, get a selfie and get your picture on the page.

3. Use lined paper. Part of the fun for me was writing it all out and signing my name at the end. It adds to it being all about me. To help me get my handwriting (mostly) straight, I grabbed one of my lined sheets of patterned paper. Remember, it doesn’t have to be the latest greatest paper. This paper is from We R Memory Keepers Grandma’s Attic and it isn’t even listed on their website anymore. :-)

So, get your list started and come back here and tell me when you’re done!

Summer Stories Scrapbooking

June is in full swing and no matter what the calendar may say, summer is here! That means it’s time to tell some summer stories in our scrapbooks and the Summer Stories collection from Teresa Collins fits the bill.

Summer Stories by Teresa Collins

The Memory Nest Design Team -

Summer Stories is my Design Team Collection for June from The Memory Nest. It’s a kit that’s new to me and I have to admit I was a little scared of all those pastel colors. I am usually drawn to bright colors and rich jewel tones, but the more I dug in to this kit, the more I enjoyed using it. The pastels and muted shades gave such a peaceful place to tell my stories.

Scrap Retreat by Kelli Panique

I paired the gray wood grain paper with the pink polka dot paper for a nice contrast. The photos didn’t get lost on the lighter pink background so I didn’t mat them. I created my own journaling block to fit the size I needed and placed them in a grid. (I heart grids!) When creating such a linear layout, I like to add a non-linear element such as a circle. This kit comes with a page of well designed die-cuts and I used these banner pieces to create one big long banner across the page that breaks up those lines.

Banner Close-up by Kelli Paniqu

I inked the edges to give the banner some definition against the polka dot paper. I adhered a piece of twine to the paper the way I wanted the banner laid out. Then I used 3D foam adhesive to attached each banner piece. I love the way it turned out and the title letter stickers were included in the kit as well. The letters are smaller than I would normally use for a title, but the black is such a contrast against the other colors on the page that the title still pops.

Mom's Day 2013 by Kelli PaniqueFor my second layout, I used the leftover pieces of the gray wood grain paper and the pink polka dot paper with this pink poppy design. The three papers work well together not just because they share the same color scheme. The patterns are vary in size. The pink polka dot is a small pattern. The wood grain is a medium pattern and its tone-on-tone shades work as a solid here. The flowers are, of course, the large pattern. This keeps the patterns from competing with each other for your eye’s attention.

One of the papers in the Summer Stories collection is a sheet of 3×4 cards that can be used as journaling blocks or accent pieces. I chose the blue polka dot banner to add a different pop of color to the page. I also added two eyelets at the top with twine wrapped between them for a little more texture on the page.

The photo mats were cut from the script patterned paper in the kit. I used the leftover from the mats and punched out these flowers:

Flowers by Kelli Panique

I used my petal roller (as demonstrated in this video) to give dimension to the flowers and added twine and brads to complete the look. The page feels harmonious to me.

You and Me at the Beach by Kelli PaniqueIt’s tough to pick a favorite amongst these three but this one might just edge out the others. For this page, I decided to use the beautiful pastel blue colors paired with gray and white. The patterns on these blue and gray papers give an understated elegance to these beach pictures. It’s such a different vibe compared to previous beach layouts I’ve done. This feels like I’ve captured a moment in time and I just adore that.

I used word stickers from the kit to help tell the story in lieu of a traditional journaling block. I’ve journaled about this trip on other pages and really it’s just this moment between my boys I want the layout to focus on. Feels like mission accomplished to me!

What summer stories could you tell with this exquisite collection?

Head over to The Memory Nest and use these special codes to get free shipping and 10% off including sales prices. (The Summer Stories collection is now less than $10!) Now’s the time to stock up!


May couponGood through June 30, 2014.





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